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Reporting Absences

To report an absence, please call the office at     (707) 522-3190, or send an email to the office by clicking on the link below:


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By state law, absences from school must be verified.  Absences that have not been verified or cleared with the office by 9:30am each day will be followed up with an automatic phone call to the student's home.  If you are unable to call the office, you can send a note when your child returns to school.  Without a note or a phone call, all absences will be considered unexcused.  All absences should be cleared within 24 hours of your student returning to school.  

When your child reaches 14 medical absences during the school year, a note from your child's doctor will be required for any subsequent medical absences.


It is important that students arrive at school on time.  Arriving late not only deprives a child of valuable instruction, it disrupts the learning of the other students in the classroom.  Chronic tardiness may result in a parent conference, Student Study Team referral, or disciplinary action.  

In the case of Open Enrollment and employment-related transfers, tardies can jeopardize the enrollment status of the student.

Students are considered tardy if they arrive after the morning bell and students have already entered the classroom.

If students arrive late, they must check in with the office before going in to the classroom.

Students are considered truant after 30 minutes.  

Arriving late to school due to a medical, dental or similar appointment should be supported by a note from the doctor or dentist office.  

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